About Us

Amazeal Pte Ltd, formerly known as Viet Trade Pte Ltd is incorporated in the Republic of Singapore in year 2002. Our history begins with the founder vision of global approach and total customer services in all areas from its suppliers and towards the end user, the all-important customers. This would ensure quality assurance in our products and services. Year 2002 is a milestone for us as we renamed ourselves to realign ourselves in providing more innovative products and solutions. Our slogan, “Be amazed” is our mission to continue providing amazing products and services to our end users. We are a marketing and distribution company with a global outlook in sourcing and providing quality, innovative and cost effective products and services to our clientele base.

Health and Wellness

We have a vision to provide dedicated, innovative solutions and products to enhance the lifestyles of consumers. Our products and services are stringently evaluated and assessed by our competent professional before we delivered.

Foot wellness

This is the area that we excelled in as we offered a complete range of foot related products that addressed the common foot problems.

Please note the free delivery applies only to Singapore only. We would incur additional charges for delivery outside Singapore


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