Joya, the softest shoe in the world, provides a unique walking sensation. The difference to other shoes is clear from the very first step. The soft feeling as you walk sets new standards in the comfort shoe sector: the shoe combines modern lines and a comfortable design. Joya has developed various sole technologies to meet different customers’ needs.

  • Pamper your feet from the very first step
  • Kind on the joints
  • Ultra-soft to wear and walk in


Joya shoes support the natural way your body moves and encourage you to walk actively. Countless customers attest to the positive effects they have on their body.

Wearing Comfort

If comfort and Swiss technology is paired with the joy of a good design, then for all those who wear Joya for the first time, a new dimension in walking is opened. In our laboratory, we have tested several shoes in regards to their comfort, their pressure and stress conditions and the results are clear: Joya convinced, thanks to the soft foot bed as a shoe without pressure points.

Joya Shoe
  Rolling Shoe
  Normal Shoe   Sport Shoe

Measurement scale: Blue represents pleasant and smooth movement, red shows uncomfortable pressure point.



Symmetry Sport1